Biljana Veljanoska - Mazedonien


My internship in Dresden Informatik GmbH was my first experience abroad. I was an intern in this company for one year. I can say that this was a life changing experience for me and one of the best years in my life.

In the beginning I didn’t know what to expect, but thanks to my colleague Oskar I was able to adapt easily and learn about the company’s policies and activities that supposed to be my responsibilities.

Everybody in the company was friendly and open to every question I had. Whenever I had some difficulties everybody was kind enough to help me, give me some ideas, hints and directions. Because of this, this internship not only gave me a professional experience, but also gave me new perspectives about my future professional growth and goals. I was really happy that I found myself in that particular working area that sparkled my interest to learn more and try to improve myself.

Dresden became my second home since I got to know the culture, people and language. I really felt accepted and not so alienated from my country since many of my colleagues became my friends and we spent some time out of the company like having barbeques and hanging out. They also helped me improve my German which made my stay a lot easier.

Dresden is very beautiful. I would say it’s a must-see city. I liked that I could get fast everywhere. There are a lot of parks, where you can relax and enjoy the nature too. One of my favorite things to do was walking by the river Elbe, enjoying the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

In the end, I would like to say thanks to Mr. Ille and Mr. Stiller for giving me the opportunity to work in such successful, prospective and great company. My working experience wouldn’t be the same without Christian who guided me through the whole experience and from whom I learned a lot. I’m also really grateful to my whole team for being there for me, accepted me and made me feel welcomed.



Zakaria Aoune - Morocco


I am very glad that I spent my final project for my Master thesis in Dresden, precisely in Dresden Informatik GmbH, I learned a lot and discovered a rich culture, a way of life, and a good environment.

My internship was for five months, a great team and professional people, that was how I spend my time between working and sharing ideas and cultures, the most important thing to know when you decide to make an adventure to Germany, bring with you a little knowledge of German because it’s very helpful and put you more in interaction with the people.

So, In diesem Part, Ich will mein Deutsch praktisch, Ich freu mich dass alle Leute im Dresden Informatik kennen, Christian, Peter, Robert, Enrico und Frank, sie waren immer da, um mir zu helfen und mich dazu zu bringen mehr das System und die Art und Weise alles in Dresden Informatik arbeitet wissen.
Ein besonderer Dank an Herrn Ille und zu den Mädchen in der Verwaltung Lisa und Susi für ihre Hilfe und ihre Präsenz.

Es war wirklich eine schöne Zeit. Ich werde sie nie vergessen, all diese Momente und Orte, die ich während meines Praktikums gesehen habe.

Zakaria Aoune



Julio Méndez Gutiérrez - Spain


A great work experience – Internship memories

My internship’s time in Dresden Informatik GmbH is coming to an end! I have been doing an internship here for 3 month. I remember when I came to Dresden, without any knowledge of German. The beginning was very difficult here!

Luckily, I found this company to do an internship after spending a month in Dresden. Although the start was difficult, because I didn´t speak any German, the people here were really kind and they tried to help me to feel comfortable and integrated me in the team. And they made it!

The situation in Spain nowadays is very sad, there are no opportunities for young people and before I came here, I desired to get a contract and to start working in Germany. I knew this was going to be very difficult for me because I am not an English native speaker and I didn’t speak German, but I was very motivated!

I am really happy now, because Dresden Informatik GmbH gave me another chance. I will be here for 6 more months and can keep on learning German. I have a good opportunity here and I hope to learn German quickly and develop my career in Dresden Informatik GmbH!

This company and its environment are incredibly awesome! There are a lot of young people and all the people here are very friendly! We share every week a breakfast together and we also have a BBQ sometimes.

I want to say thanks to Frank for giving me this new chance and to Christian to make it possible. I also have to say thanks to Sonsoles, my Spanish colleague who was my teacher here and who helped me a lot with everything and to the TTE-developing-team to integrate me from the first week.

Julio Méndez Gutiérrez



Emil Nakao - Brazil


I've been doing internship in Dresden Informatik GmbH for 6 months, and tomorrow is time to say goodbye... looking back, I can confirm that coming to Germany, and choosing to work at this company was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Many would ask "Why a small company?", or "Dresden? I've never heard of it!“. Before coming here, I was in the 4th year of my computer engineering course in Brazil, and looking forward to get a great internship abroad, with a good working environment and as much learning opportunities as possible. I got to know Dresden Informatik GmbH by AIESEC, and when I saw the company information saying about friendly working environment, that immediately got my attention. It would be my first time living abroad. Good experience in work would not be enough; I also needed to have conditions to pass my time in a healthy way, becoming more mature without stress due to a too rigid environment, for example. In Dresden Informatik GmbH I've found exactly what I wanted: very friendly co-workers, a lot of opportunities to learn, in a really beautiful city!

Here I was surprised at how friendly my bosses, supervisor and co-workers were. They dedicate their precious time to make you fell comfortable, going out to have lunch with you or even to paddle with all the company staff! Seeing everyone in the company together at Friday mornings, eating breakfast was also a beautiful memory that I will keep forever.

As it is a small company, you are able to have a wider experience while working. You don't only test or code something already planned before. You are able to discuss solutions with your supervisor in a friend-to-friend way, what is really important for your personal and professional development. You have freedom to expose your own ideas, even being an intern with limited experience.

The city of Dresden really impressed me too. A really good transport system, even comparing with other European cities, a rich cultural life and a lot of opportunities to have fun at daylight or night makes Dresden a really attractive and charming place.

To finish, I would really like to say thanks to Stefan, who was a great supervisor and friend. We had really nice conversations together! I also would like to thank Mr. Ille and Mr. Stiller for being great and gentle bosses and to Susi, Robert and Martin for all their friendship, which was really important to me as a newbie in a foreign country! I also want to thank all of the company staff, which smiles at mornings and attention also made each of my days better!




Taylan - Turkey


My six months long Internship in Dresden Informatik has been a thorough experience in both the german culture and the technical challenges I will face during my career. Thanks to the friendly administration and the staff that made my life easier, and helped to get used to two difficult things: living abroad and working.

If you perceive an internship as the beginning of your career and working life, the first impression about working life almost always depends on your first colleagues and the working environment. I have found out that the environment in Dresden Informatik is -in spite of my non-existing german- social and friendly.

Also Dresden Informatik has been a nice starting point, since the company is one of the examples of industry-software integration, and focuses on the new technology that can be patched to the existing ones. With the existing customer portfolio, and the know-how; I had the chance to extend my skills beyond what I have learned at school.

Finally, I have to thank especially to Frank, my chief and later manager, for he had made such an experience possible, and to Mathias who lend his computer to me(which is something very important for an IT person), to Michael for his help and accompany, and to others for their support and interest.




Ana Christina Schuch - Brazil


Today is the last day of my traineeship at Dresden Informatik GmbH, in Germany. What can I tell you about it? Everything that I will never forget.

Once upon a time, there was a 24 year-old Brazilian girl, graduated in Informatics, dreaming about a traineeship in a foreign country. Suddenly, she had on her hands the possibility to travel to Germany and work there for 3 months, facing a completely different experience that she has never tried before. And she left on August 26th, 2002, everything arranged by AIESEC.

I started here on September 2nd, in a beautiful and sunny morning in one of the last warm days in the European summer. I was not nervous, but a little bit anxious. At least I was not going alone, because one AIESEC member, responsible for my traineeship, was supposed to introduce me to the company. I got to know almost everybody, among 20 people, but at that moment I could not keep in my mind all of that different German names (something that was solved some weeks later), except of my two orientators and one of the bosses. Their friendly and polite welcome reception made me feel very well and comfortable, even in an unknown language environment (from people names up to simple Windows menus). An eletronic version of a German-English dictionary was really useful! I would like to emphasize that English was the leading language in our communication for working.

After receiving the main task to be developed during my traineeship, we still discussed together the best tools and conditions to do that, in a good way for Dresden Informatik, their customers and me. This attitude showed me that my opinions were being considered and, therefore, I was also interacting with them. And I really need interaction.

But I could also improve my extremely basic German knowledge about food in our lunch and snack times. Ordering Chinese, Turkish or sometimes (believe or not!) German food, being introduced to the newest homemade wine, or making an intensive course about how to make cappuccino, I was involved in a couple of funny situations because of my accent. In spite of I had German classes in Brazil and for (only) one month more here, I can not speak German yet. Once I want to come back to Germany some day, I will restart my language studies as soon as possible there. But just this international experience has already improved so much my technical and language knowledges that it can provide a very good new job in my home country. Even so, I think that the greatest training at Dresden Informatik GmbH was about values, such as respect, reliability and seriousness. It means that they also improved my mind.

So, you, candidate for a traineeship, who is keeping an eye on Dresden Informatik, be sure that you will not regret for choosing this company as your new family.

And you, my dear workmates, be sure that I will just have very pleasant memories about these unique days of my life.

Vielen Dank für alles!
I would just like to ask the company something else, if it is possible: give this opportunity at least once more for another dreamer. And then, again, and again, and again…

Ana Cristina Schuch
Campo Bom - RS - Brasil